Eighty Eight Banbury

Life Menu

This is a work in progress, as any good list should be. To date it’s an ’83 things to do before I die’ list but I’d like to think that it will expand to 101 things, or 201 things or maybe more…

1. Enjoy hot chocolate at the top of the Alps

2. Finish a 1,000 piece puzzle

3. Complete a half marathon

4. Graduate with a degree

5. Read the bible front to back (new testament)

6. Make homemade ice cream

7. Get an adorable puppy

8. Get a piercing, excluding ears (nose)

9. Knit a scarf – does one with holes count?

10. Use recyclable shopping bags for a year

11. Sleep under the stars with the man I love

12. Win something big; over $100 worth (golf bag & photo shoot)

13. Go to Tel Aviv and see where my Dad was born

31. Ride a Harley Davidson

32. Ride in a limo

33. Have some writing published as an adult

34. Ride a roller coaster

35. Hitchhike

36. Go to a drive-in movie

37. Foster a child

38. Ride a horse on the beach

39. Play strip poker

40. Swim with dolphins

56. Memorise a whole book of the bible (psalm 1-6 done and dusted)

57. Have a dance off with strangers

58.  Go to a concert with a world-world-famous artist (thanks Elton)

59. Learn a signature menu (bread)

60. Read To Kill a Mockingbird, 1984, Brave New World, Great Expectations and God of Small Things

61. Marry my best friend

62. One month = no sugar

63. See Phantom of the Opera, the Lion King and CATS on stage

64. Visit the Songjiang Hotel, China

65. Watch an Olympics live

66. Get a ‘different-for-me’ hair style

67. Try zorbing

68. Go airbalooning in Cappadocia, Turkey

69. See a Spainish Horse Riding School

70. Learn to bake delicious bread and tortillas from scratch

71. Cook twenty types of soup

72. Visit Bulls, NZ 100 times, with photographic evidence

73. Drink wine in Tuscany

74. Own a B&B

75. Photograph a wedding

76. Sew something to be proud of

78. Enjoy tapas in Spain

79. Become a house wife who dehydrates food, makes chutneys and grows herbs

80. Dispose of one rubbish bag per month for one year

81. Buy my own abode

82. Finish a scrapbook

83. Try Salsa, Ballroom and Swing dancing

84.  Road test 20 of Jamie Oliver’s 15 Minute Meals recipes (3/20)

85. Learn to play one song on the guitar

86. Make a patchwork shank

87. Complete a 30 days-30 photos project

88. Build a photography portfolio to be proud of

89. Go on a month Facebook diet


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