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I’m No 15 Minute Meal: Lamb Lollipops

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I like Jamie Oliver. If he visited New Zealand with his enthusiasm for overhauling school canteen junk food I’d support him. Unfortunately he’s cheated a little with his recent cookbook/tv show; 15 Minute Meals.

Even a Masterchef winner would struggle to make these meals in 15 minutes. I don’t know about you but my stove top takes a good ten minutes to heat up and I can waste at least three waiting for the jug to boil. I didn’t set out to prove Jamie wrong but it happened. This meal took two people 17 minutes to complete, I’d allow another ten if you’re doing it solo. We hit the timer once the stove was hot, the jug boiled and all ingredients measured up ready to go.


The end result; lamb lollipops curry with spiced pea rice and crushed poppdoms. The result? Delicious and well worth however many extra minutes this recipe will take you to prepare!


Jamie Oliver: 15 Minute Meals (Recipe at http://keeprecipes.com/recipe/howtocook/lamb-lollipops-curry-sauce-rice-peas)


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