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Sticky Kicking Chicken (Jamie Oliver Style)


LasSticky Kicking Chicken - Jamie Olivert night we tested another Jamie Oliver 15 Minute Meal; Sticky Kicking Chicken. I didn’t time this one and I’m glad I didn’t as I used bone-in chicken thighs so the cooking time was quite long.

This is 15 Minute Recipe #3 for me and yet again it was delicious. Easy too. I didn’t make the salad but I’ve tasted it previously and was also very good!

I’ve borrowed Jamie’s photo as we gobbled the chicken down before a camera shutter could even be pressed.


2 thoughts on “Sticky Kicking Chicken (Jamie Oliver Style)

  1. A 15 minute meal that looks like that? Wow, I will hunt down the recipe…it looks delish!

    • I think you have to be pretty amazing to make the whole thing in 15 minutes but I’d say (providing you are all prepped & organised) the chicken part (minus salad) is possible in 15. I actually prefer to leisurely cook rather than race the clock!

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