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Wheat Free Inspiration

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I’ve been trying ‘Less Wheat’ eating lately (it’s the easy version of Wheat Free) after reading Wheat Belly and a few other resources. I’ve found myself craving sugar like crazy and scoffed far too many lollies. It’s made me realise that if I want to give this Wheat-Less thing a proper go I need to learn to bake some delicious sweet treats. These are some gluten and wheat free treats I photographed at a lovely ladies afternoon; none made by my hands but I’m inspired to try!

high teahigh tea 3


One thought on “Wheat Free Inspiration

  1. Came over to yours from Dom’s, glad I did it’s a lovely site!

    Good for you! I have nothing against wheat; but I find myself feeling more bloated after a meal with bread as the base instead of rice but maybe it’s all pyschological / an Asian thing- So I love it when people share gluten-free recipes. Can’t wait to see yours! The spread looks so gorgeous and so inspiring (though also a bit intimidating ha)- good luck with recreating them x

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